Welcome to my blog page

On this page I will delve into my favourite subjects which will hopefully give you an insight into Mia Milla. With an array of different talking points, I will be looking from music to inspiration, food, beauty and lifestyle…hopefully something for everyone!

Meet Mia Milla

Hello! Mia Milla here, and I’m realising that the first line is always the hardest. Due to the fact that I’ve never done any sort of blogging, I’m nervous even writing this. As you can imagine, writing a blog could be an absolute nightmare for a dyslexic, but I’ve actually always loved creative writing, so…

The Journey to ‘Sun’

My latest single ‘Sun’ is about a journey through a bad patch, but finally being able to see sunny on the other side. For me personally, I think living in the moment is very important. Worrying about the past or stressing about the future can be really damaging to your state of mind. For this…

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