Based in vibrant Brighton, Mia Milla is a singer song writer. Brought up in a household with an array of different music playing, Mia accumulates different genres as her inspiration to create her own unique sound. Her main inspiration comes from soulful female artists such as Eva Cassidy, KT Tunstall, Beth Rowley and Norah Jones. Mia started singing from a very young age and was a keen busker as a teenager in Lewes, which helped to mould her into the artist she is today. At the age of 16, she entered the competition Open Mic UK and came second. Mia then went on to study music at university in Brighton and was immersed in the Brighton music scene. Ever since she left university, she has been writing, singing and recording and has a lot of new material to show to the world.

Mia Milla’s sultry flair emerges with soulful vocals oozing with elegance’ – The Line of Best Fit