The Journey to ‘Sun’

The Journey to ‘Sun’

My latest single ‘Sun’ is about a journey through a bad patch, but finally being able to see sunny on the other side. For me personally, I think living in the moment is very important. Worrying about the past or stressing about the future can be really damaging to your state of mind. For this reason, I am a big believer in letting go of negativity, trying to focus on the positive and moving forward, which is what ‘Sun’ is all about.

I tried to tap into my own vulnerability whilst writing this song. We have all been through an emotional time whether it be in your own personal life or someone else’s. I wanted this single to bring others comfort in knowing there is always a positive outcome, and that time is a healer. Mental Health is so important to all of us, especially during this strange time and so I want people to know that they are not alone, and everybody experiences darker moments.

I have always wanted to write a simple, uncomplicated song, using chords that inspire me, and keeping the focus on my voice. I think ‘Sun’ is just that. Originally, I planned to keep it completely stripped back with just vocals and piano. However, the process of recording and listening with my producer lead me to the sound it eventually came to. The song is still very stripped back but it is enhanced by subtle percussion and cinematic sounds.

Harmonies have always been at the forefront of my music and I have always loved to add harmonies to anything I’m listening to..(some people may find this annoying but I just cant help myself!) Within ‘Sun’ I experimented with layering harmonies and entwining melodies. The melody came very naturally to me and it almost felt like there wasn’t much thought into it, just because I was simply singing how I felt.

This more natural approach to song-writing is something which I am aiming to carry on through all of my future music. For me, I need to feel inspired in order to write something personal, and so whether it’s going for a walk, or simply experiencing different situations in life, it massively helps me with my writing process.

I really hope you like this song and I can’t wait to release more music soon. Let me know what you think of ‘Sun’ below!

Thanks for reading, see you in the next one…

MM x

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