Meet Mia Milla

Meet Mia Milla

Hello! Mia Milla here, and I’m realising that the first line is always the hardest. Due to the fact that I’ve never done any sort of blogging, I’m nervous even writing this. As you can imagine, writing a blog could be an absolute nightmare for a dyslexic, but I’ve actually always loved creative writing, so Im going to try my hardest to make my blogs make sense. This specific blog is supposed to be based around letting you all ‘Meet Mia Milla’, so I should probably just get on with it… but before I open up over my next few blogs, I thought it would be good to start on a specific feeling that I’ve been thinking about recently…

From a young age, music has always been my main passion. I was a keen dancer and loved sports like athletics and swimming. However, neither of them made me want to pursue a career like music did… So here I am. I’ve struggled for a long time to be comfortable with my music and I still struggle now. I have always been a bit of a perfectionist and I find it very hard to be happy with anything I write or record. For me, there’s always room for improvement and there are always small things I would change even after I’ve released songs.

Something that I wanted to touch on in this blog, is that I’m really learning to become okay with imperfections. I believe that some of the best music ever recorded, are songs which contain ‘mistakes’ or just moments of pure vulnerability. But what is a ‘mistake’? I think if a performer is really feeling it in the moment and pouring out their soul whilst singing or playing, there are bound to be raw moments which result in technical imperfections. For this very reason I’ve had to remind myself that music comes from the heart, and therefore it’s important to embrace the rawness! My aim is to be able to be at peace with faults or flaws in my music, because to me, it has the potential to make my music even more personal and beautiful. We’re brought up in a world where people seem to look down on or criticise mistakes, but personally I think that mistakes have value. Especially when talking about the expectations of music, there’s so much music out there that has been almost blurred and made to sound ‘perfect’. I’m here to remind you that it’s okay to just be YOU, without the need for embellishments.

Anyway, back to Mia Milla, (I’m aware that I took a bit of a detour to get to this point but), I am so excited to be starting to release music again. I have spent some time rebranding and really honing in on my musical sound, but most of all, accepting who I am and who I want to be as an artist. I can’t wait for my new music to be out on the 29th May, and I hope you’ll all love it as much as I do.

Thanks for reading, see you in the next one…

MM x

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